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Give your commitment to fight open defecation with Aksi Nasional Tinju Tinja in your social media accounts with hashtag #AksiNasional #TinjuTinja, to invite more people to act and fight open defecation for the children!

Open defecation is prevalent throughout Indonesia and negatively impacts on so many lives, above all children. If we can make Indonesia open defecation free, we will see so many benefits.


Let’s act together to support Indonesia in the fight against Open Defecation! Give your support to our big family of supporters from all over Indonesia.

  1. Learn about the issue

    Open defecation is often invisible but the impacts are detrimental to our nation. Let’s open our eyes and ears to learn about open defecation here! Understand how open defecation threatens our land, and jeopardizes our brothers and sisters from all over Indonesia.

  2. Create Works of Expression

    Share your ideas, support, or messages on open defecation with your brothers and sisters in any part of Indonesia, with the creative ideas that suit you best.

    The examples of positive creations below are a source of inspiration!

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UNICEF will select and share the most creative contributions and ensure they are accessible by everyone to help the fight against open defecation. The related documentation will be shared through our social media channels.

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Yugnan Adi Sasongko


Aplikasi gerakan toilet bersih.

Fitur :
1. Beri penilaian kualitas toilet.
2. User friendly.
3. Aplikasi berbasis crowdsourcing, sehingga database lokasi toilet tergantung dari user.

Bantu kami untuk menjadikan Indonesia yang lebih sehat.
Dengan berkontribusi dengan jaga kualitas toilet serta memberi penilaian toilet umum

jadilah pahlawan sanitasi

Toilet bersih akan terdata dalam pemetaan , data toilet kotor akan diberikan ke instansi terkait agar segera diperbaiki

"Go rate it to make a healthy world."

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The more people that understand about open defecation, the more hearts that can be touched to contribute to this fight! Choose the fact that you want to share through your social media accounts.

Fact 1

The 13% of households in Indonesia still use water from unfeasible sources.

Fact 2

31% of deaths between the ages of 1-12 months are caused by diarrhea, most of which is linked to poor water conditions, hygiene and sanitation such as open defecation.

Fact 3

Poor sanitation caused Indonesia losses of Rp 56 trillion or 2.3% of Indonesia's GDP.

Fact 4

When open defecation contaminates the water and food, it causes malnutrition that affects children's growth and could result in their being stunted.

Fact 5

Every year, around 136.000 - 190.000 children in Indonesia die before their 5th birthday because of poor sanitation.

You can also find more facts from each province all around Indonesia here, or find and create infographics about open defecation here.

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