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There are many benefits that we can all gain once when we are free from open defecation.

Proper sanitation will reduce infant mortality as it will reduce rates of diarrhoea in children once excreta is safely contained away from people. Good sanitation, coupled with handwashing before eating and after defecating in a toilet, will cut pathogen transmission from feces to flies and also people's food and water, which when they ingest will cause disease. Children will also grow better as their bodies will not be fighting off pathogens constantly and not become stunted.

In terms of economy, people will be more productive at work when their health status increases and in doing so also improves not only their quality of life with the national GDP also.

Progress is being made and this is thanks to programs like that of the Government on STBM (Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat) but we all need to do more to ensure that all children are born into an environment that will not contribute to them being stunted; where they will no longer suffer from repeated episodes of diarrhoea; and where girls will be free from harassment and embarrassment as they enter puberty. Using a clean, working toilet is about health and also about dignity.

Let's fight open defecation together to make a better Indonesia! Not only will you reap the benefits mentioned above, but also people from all over Indonesia! Act now!

Let's act together to free Indonesia from the threat from open defecation with Aksi Nasional Tinju Tinja

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